ABB (Power & Water)

Collaborative Operations centre press launch in Italy

Smart cities, clever PR

Smart city technology is changing the world. It is bringing digital and data together to transform urban life as we know it. Managing issues like health, traffic and crime is being revolutionised in cities across the globe by smart tech.

So too is the supply of power and water, thanks to our client ABB.

The US$34bn multi-national recently launched its game-changing Collaborative Operations Centre in Genoa.

It enables power generation and water companies to harness ‘big data’ and digital technology to improve efficiency.

Its launch put utilities firmly on the smart cities agenda – and required a global media response.

Admiral swiftly organised an international press trip to Genoa. We believed such a vast, complex project had to be seen to be fully comprehended. And so it proved.


The result of the trip in numbers:

  • 2 million ‘opportunities to see’ in the press for our client;
  • 35 publications from 10 countries attended;
  • 16 one-to-one media briefings took place; and
  • 77% of journalists attending were senior (editors or above).

What editors said about the trip:

“Well prepared content”

“It’s the best organised press trip I’ve ever attended”

“Great press pack with lots of content including video and photos”

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